Spice up your Bodybuilding Cooking with a Cheat Meal!


In the video below, Dave Ruel discusses the rationale and timing of “Cheat Meals” for bodybuilding purposes.  There seems to be a good reason for these bodybuilding meals! Listen as these two “pros” discuss how a cheat meal can give one an edge.


Why would these serious bodybuilders want a “Cheat Meal”?   A “Cheat Meal” may be useful from time to time (let’s say once every week) for bodybuilders who may have hit a plateau in their program. It turns out there may be a biochemical basis for this practice, as well, in that the process for protein synthesis may require a certain refractory period.

Here is a short article on the usefulness of periodically doing a cheat meal. For reference, you can see the ingredients he uses for his bodybuilding Chocolate Cheat Recipe, mentioned in the link:

Dave's Chocolate Cheat Recipe - Courtesy Dave Ruel

Dave’s Chocolate Cheat Recipe – Courtesy Dave Ruel

A Breakfast Cheat Meal

In the best tradition of cinema verite, Karine Losier and friends are having a “Cheat Meal” following UFC 113. This type of cheat meal is quick and easy to prepare, and suggests that an Bodybuilding Cooking program does not have to be boring and plain for these bodybuilders!  Shown below, we see them enjoying a breakfast cheat meal in Montreal.

A Breakfast Cheat Meal – Courtesy Dave Ruel


At this meal, for the record, he is eating :

  • a cinnamon roll
  • bacon and cheese on a bagel
  • a mushroom omelette
  • ham
  • sausage
  • french fries
  • whole wheat bread

Investigate more Cheat Meal Recipes and Bodybuilder Nutrition CLICK HERE.


Spice up your Bodybuilding Cooking with a Cheat Meal! — 2 Comments

  1. That’s great news! So cheating on my diet occasionally might actually not be as bad for me as I thought. I’m pretty good most of the time, but sometimes there are certain foods I just can’t say no to… cinnamon rolls are one of those things. I’m pretty sure I can cut it down to once every two weeks though.

  2. Weird, people always look at cheating like it’s a bad thing. I guess that’s why there are so many chronic dieters out there that never get results – they’ve probably just hit their plateau and need to back off for a while. Besides, what’s the point of having a great body if you you can’t go out and enjoy yourself every once in a while?

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