Classic Tuna Melt Patties – Prepared by Dave McCready


Dave's Classic Tuna Melt PattiesAdd Dave McCready as another fan of Dave Ruel’s Muscle Cooking approach. For the Classic Tuna Melt Patty, Dave shows from start to finish what it takes in terms of both ingredients, and  meal preparation. Dave is a fan of this approach, and it is instructive to listen to his advice on the Muscle Cookbook. Bottom line, Dave is a believer, and one can only conclude that he has mostly achieved his bodybuilding goals, given his obviously healthy condition, and great physique.

First, here is Dave Ruel’s Classic Tuna Patty Melt recipe:

Classic Tuna Melt Patties

Classic Tuna Melt Patties – Courtesy Dave Ruel

Second, here is the video of Dave McCready’s preparation of this high protein (25 g) meal. Dave McCready adopted Dave Ruel’s Muscle Cookbook recipe with some of his own modifications.  He notes that the recipe is easy to make, and it is really good for you (I agree!). Dave recommends using tuna packed in water (rather than oil), with diced purple onions (any purple-colored food is highly recommended), and Himalayan pink salt crystals. Dave also recommends using garlic frequently, due to its healthy qualities. For the tuna patty, Dave recommends Swiss or Feta cheese. Once the patty is browned, you are good to go!

Classic Tuna Melt Patty

Classic Tuna Melt Patty

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